Woman With Giant Belly Shocked When Doctor’s Realize What’s Growing Inside Of Her!

At the age of 24, Keely Favell became concerned when her stomach suddenly began to grow at an alarming rate. It soon swelled to such a size that a couple of months later, in 2016, Keely looked to be pregnant, even though all the tests she took came back negative. After doctors dismissed her more than once, Keely was left with the mystery behind her expanding belly. What could be doing this to her if all of the tests came back negative and the doctors were just brushing it off?

Keely loved her figure, priding herself on being considered “chunky”, she loved being a curvy girl. In fact, she was passionate about her health, and made sure to keep herself fit by going to the gym and eating the right food – she truly considered her body her temple and took great care of it. This is why she could not understand why she was gaining a lot of weight, she was doing everything in her power to be healthy and while she was not pushing herself too hard to diet she did not do anything to make her gain the weight she was indeed gaining, none of this made sense. Instead of automatically imagining the worst, Keeley dismissed her weight and simply continued working hard. At some point, however, she needed to finally figure out what was happening to her body, she either had to be pregnant and all of the tests were wrong, or something way worse was happening to her… 

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