Awesome Work From Home Jobs Available For Senior Citizens

Let’s face it, times are tough and not every senior has a large amount of money saved up to enjoy their retirement. By the time you reach the age of 65 you SHOULD be spending this time enjoying family and the things you love, the things you said you would do… unfortunately that’s not the case for many people. Over 25 million Americans aged 60+ are economically insecure–living at or below 250% of federal poverty level (FPL) These older adults struggle with rising housing and health care bills, inadequate nutrition, lack of access to transportation, diminished savings, and job loss. For older adults who are above the poverty level, one major adverse life event can change today’s realities into tomorrow’s troubles.

BUT… thanks to technology, Things turning around for the better! Here are the Top 5 ways seniors are taking matters into their own hands and earning a nice living from the comfort of their own home

Become a Mobile App & Game Tester

There are billions of Mobile Apps and games in the market and the competition is tough. Thousands of people from around the world get paid to simply test new mobile apps and games. The process is simple, You sign into the system, choose an app to test, write a review and get PAID! Appcoiner is a site where you can do as many or as little tests as you want. There is a small one-time 60-day refundable membership fee of just $27 to access the site and apps to test. Well worth it! 99.9% of people make that back within 48 hours of joining. Click here to join

Writing Paychecks

This has been featured on MSNBC,, Yahoo News etc. If you want to enjoy the good life: Making money in the comfort of your own home, then Writing Paychecks is for YOU! You can get paid to write articles, blog posts, ebooks and many more! Sign up and get access to 1,000’s of jobs daily from different subjects. Over $8,000,000 has been paid out to happy members. Get paid up to $50 per article and $500-$1,000 for short ebooks. There are many writing jobs to choose from. This is a favorite among seniors and we rate this 4.5 stars.

Selling Digital Photographs

For those more artistic and creative there is Photography jobs online is a very popular site that was recently featured on They are the source between you and these high paying stock photo corporations like Flickr, iStock, Getty images etc. The process is simple, you sign up and upload photos you get paid an average of $2-5 per photo and in some cases up to $25 per photo. 4k photos can earn up to $200. There are all kinds of photography jobs to choose from. By joining you would be able to instantly sell your photos to thousands of potential buyers that need them for websites, catalogs, books, magazines, ads or a variety of other uses. There no limit on how much you can earn. Your hobby can be your instant career!
Click here to Join

Slogan Seller

There’s an exclusive new opportunity that just popped up online, and it is available by invite only. This this opportunity, you can earn an income from just typing simple words and phrases on your computer! There’s no marketing to do and no experience necessary. All you’ve got to do is type a few words and upload them online. Then watch the money start pouring in! Write a slogan, upload it online and get paid! Click here for the special invitation only link

Testing Video Games

This one is for the young at heart or the person who has video game playing grand kids… Gaming companies are paying big bucks to people like you and me just to know what we are thinking. The are desperate to understand how you think and shop and why you buy certain video games or products because this helps their companies improve their products. Here you get paid to play New and Unreleased Games and average paid to review new games for up to $30 an hour. Sign up to become a Beta Tester here

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