The Simplest Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Home Cozier

Have you ever looked around your home and wanted to improve on it, only to realize it isn’t possible because it’s too expensive? Most of us understand that. However, there are some surprisingly cheap and simple things you can do to make your home a bit cooler.


Some are garnered towards kids. For example, you can take a marker to the area surrounding the boring old power socket to liven it up. You can draw various kinds of designs around it, from a person to a robot and other cool things in between.

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It’s not just your own personal creative skills, either. There are several other options you can use to spice up the little things like a power socket. You can purchase decals that glow in the dark and double as a night light.

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There are also improvements that could be made to hang pictures by the stairs. It seems simple, but getting them to line up beautifully along your steps can be slightly tricky. You’ll want to line them up as if they were going down the stairs as well.


There’s the mosaic lineup. You’ll put them in a bit of a rectangle form, with some smaller ones in the middle, surrounded by larger ones. It works best as a setup over a couch in a living room.

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There’s also the spiral. Starting towards the top, you arrange the photos in a spiral style and have it end towards the middle. It makes for one of the cooler designs around.


Back to the ideas that children will like, these next few work for a kid’s room. Little things that you’ll typically use at a kid’s birthday party could work to make their bedroom look a bit more interesting. 


A lot of kids like the idea of going camping. But, maybe you’re not the kind of person who enjoys the outdoors. You could make your own makeshift tent in the kid’s room, set up some glow in the dark decals on the ceiling to mimic the sky, and have your own indoor camping night.


There are also awesome decals you can stick to the wall that look like a map of the world. Another cool one comes in the shape of the tree, which can go over the headboard and give your bed a cool vibe.


Cardboard cutouts are also a great, cheap idea to help make things look cool. The inexpensive boxes can be cut into the shape of fun little items that will make a kid laugh.


Moving into other parts of the room, we hit the bathroom. If you’re living with multiple people, you could try hanging three or four separate bars on the back of the door, to hang each towel individually. It keeps things cleaner and smelling better.

Jenna Burger

Another bar could be added next to the sink, where you can hang buckets or small boxes, to fit the things that would usually clutter up the bathroom. It also works to hang a shelf over the sink and use flower pots to hold all the random items that surround the sink.

If you’re handy enough, you can build a case of sorts to surround your bathtub. If you set up a way for it to open, you can store things like soap, shampoo, and conditioner in there. It prevents them from falling over into the tub, which is very annoying. If you’re not that good with tools, a simple board across the tub could work, too.


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