The Incredible Story of the Real Human Barbie

In 1985, Valery and Irina Lukyanova welcomed their daughter Valeria into the world. They strove to provide their beloved child with an ordinary upbringing, or at least as normal as they could in their hometown of Tiraspol, Moldova, which was part of the Soviet Union at the time.Her dad worked as a builder by day and a disc jockey by night, while her mother’s occupation was in the military. Everyone doted on Lukyanova’s beauty with her long blonde locks and big doll-like eyes. However, they had no idea how much she’d internalize the very word “beauty” and how far she would go to uphold it when she grew up.

Little girls everywhere have or used to have a Barbie doll as one of their toys. They would be played with for hours and fawned upon for their beautiful hair, figure, and the fact that they can do whatever ones imagination wanted them to as they were a mere reflection of the owners desires. For Valeria, she not only had a Barbie doll growing up, but she used that doll as her idea of what the perfect woman looks like. It would change her entire outlook on life and would be her life’s mission that she had no idea she would actually achieve.Valeria’s story is also a cautionary one, where you see how an obsession can take over your life, no matter how happy you feel you may be about it. Her transformation into her idea of beauty is downright incredible. 

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