The Starlight Room In The Italian Dolomites Offers A Room With An Unbelievable View You Have To See

Cabins are some of the most interesting homes around, especially if you’re the adventurous type who really likes to get lost in the wilderness. There’s nothing more akin to “roughing it” in comfort quite like the experience of spending a few nights in a cabin, preferably a log one. Log cabins are instantly much cooler than regular cabins, based solely on the name.


Did you know that some log cabins were built in North America as far back as 1638 and 1643? Historians have dated Northnagle Cabin, owned by the Rink family, to have been built as far back as the 17th century! It was even added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Repairs and modifications are still being made. Most recently, local clay was used to repair holes in the wood.


The largest log cabin, on the other hand, is far newer, and definitely less of a traditional log cabin than you might expect. The luxury abode was constructed by the Kaufman family, owner of some of the most popular department stores of the last century, and cost a shocking 40 million dollars to complete. The structure, which occupies 26,000 square feet, is the result of four years of effort by more than 22 different architects!


Stepping back to a more modest territory, we have the world’s cheapest log cabin, the design of which was based on the design of a small Norwegian storehouse called a stabbur. The couple who constructed it was pretty hands-on about the whole affair, choosing to chop their own trees and strip them using hand tools.


Funnily enough, log cabins have also resulted in some of the most popular home products on the market. Loc Cabin syrup, arguably the most well-known brand of commercially-available maple syrup, has been producing delicious pancake molasses since 1887. And Lincoln Logs have remained a staple of children’s toy boxes since the early 1900s.


The whole idea behind a log cabin is you’re sacrificing comfort for an enjoyable experience that helps connect you with nature. Of course, not everyone feels this way, so there have been a number of cabins constructed over the years that have made use of more modern design elements to create miniature mansions of sorts.


Still, more and more people are approaching hiking and camping as an activity more than ever these days, meaning cabins are springing up everywhere. While some are giant structures that have no business taking up so much space, others are more down-to-earth and cozy. I understand the appeal of living in a forest, but you have to at least interact with the woods around you in some way.

Giacomo Pompanin

That’s where Raniero Campigotto’s Starlight Room cabins come in! Campigotto is an Italian architect who hadn’t made a huge splash in the community until his Starlight Room was revealed back in 2016. Call it a cabin or a tiny hotel, the Starlight Room Dolomites is one of the neatest places you can ever spend the night.

Giacomo Pompanin

The house’s sleek design is not only topical (the entire thing sits on a base that looks like a giant pair of skis) but it also manages to evoke the same level of comfort and warm satisfaction that only the coziest of cabins would have. The room is part of the Cortina d’Ampezzo resort, sitting at an impressive 6,700 feet above the ground in the Italian Dolomite Mountains.

Giacomo Pompanin

The Dolomites are technically just a section of the alps that winds its way through Italy, but the region has adopted its own nickname as a popular tourist spot where families like to come and enjoy winter sports and take in the beautiful scenery. A night at the resorts doesn’t come cheap, but the view is usually worth it.

Giacomo Pompanin

To stay at the Starlight Room costs 300 euros a night, which is equivalent to $373.88, so no small pittance. Still, you get what you pay for in this scenario. It’s unlikely you could experience something like this twice in a lifetime, which certainly makes the steep price of a night in the mountains a bit more enticing.

Giacomo Pompanin

Guests are served dinner and breakfast in the heavily-windowed structure, and I’m sure the food can only be as good as the surroundings. Campigotto, the architect behind the Starlight Room, is a manager at the Col Gallina Refuge located in the nearby Falzarego Pass. It’s a ski resort geared towards families and children.

Giacomo Pompanin

The Col Gallina is home to a well-renowned restaurant as well as a number of ski slopes, parties, and other forms of entertainment for guests who decide to spend time there during the winter. Prices at the resort are noticeably cheaper (more around $100-$120 a night). Not sure how nice the place is, but I’d love to try the restaurant out, considering it offers “typical mountain dishes”.

Giacomo Pompanin

The Dolomites are considered a World Heritage site according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which is one of the main reasons people would want to visit the cabin. People who are susceptible to claustrophobia should be wary because this cabin is pretty tiny. Here’s what an official press release says about the cabin: “From sunset to sunrise, admire front row views of the spectacular sky at altitude from the comfort of a warm bedroom with glass walls… Located in Col Gallina, only a few kilometers from the center of Cortina, the Starlight Room offers a unique opportunity to experience the night sky far away from any source of light pollution.

Rick Steves Europe

“At sunset, the famous ‘enrosadira’ sets the Dolomites ablaze with fiery shades of red.” The enrosadira mentioned here is a term used to describe the visual occurrence that takes place when the Dolomites’ peaks take on a beautiful and distinctive pink and red color, which transforms to a bright violet as the sun rises or sets.

City Discovery

People come from all over the world to witness this unique phenomenon, which is exclusive to the Dolomites out of any other mountain range. The reason for this has to do with the amount of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonite found within the mineral dolomite, which the aforementioned mountains are named after because they consist primarily of the stuff.

Italy XP

You can look up a number of cool viewpoints online just by doing a quick search for “enrosadira”, which I would highly recommend if you ever plan on taking a trip to the Dolomites. Campigotto’s new structure might not be the greatest reason to visit the sparkling mountain range, but it’s certainly a plus.

La Gazzetta Italiana

A number of the excellent photos of the structure were captured by photographer Giacomo Pompanin, and they do a good job of highlighting the incredible natural scenery. Not many people would want to shell out $300 for a night in a single-room cabin on the side of a massive hill, but those who do will surely find the view awe-inspiring, if not drop-dead gorgeous.

Singletrack Nomads

Not only is there an adjustable bed inside, to make sure you have the most comfortable sleep possible and best appreciate the outside view, but you also get a bench with storage, a flat-screen TV, an adjustable thermostat and even an outdoor bathroom – no word on whether or not that bathroom is heated as of now.


The Alps are one of the most stunning mountain ranges around, covering more than 1,200 kilometers across eight different countries, including France, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, and Germany. As far as European tourist destinations, they’re undoubtedly some of the most popular, so long as you have a good sense of wanderlust.

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In addition to tall thrilling rides on tall mountains, the Alps are also home to a viable economic infrastructure based around farming crops and livestock in the fertile soil in the valleys surrounding the mountains. Streams and rivers generate ample hydroelectric power for residents to have cheap electricity.

National Geographic Expeditions

There are more than 40 different regions within the Alps, two of the most well-known are the West Alps, the Maritime, Ligurian, Cottian, and the Graian Alps. Each region has its own exclusive customs and cultures that are different from all the others, so you could feasibly spend an entire lifetime traversing the Alps.


If you’re ever looking to have a less-traditional European vacation than a trip to London or Rome, consider having a more adventurous time on the peaks of the Alps. There’s plenty to love, whether you’re a fan of extreme sports, relaxing or meeting new people and trying new things. And if you do visit the Alps, the Dolomites are a great option.

The Independent

Would you stay in this cabin? Who would you bring, and what would you be the most excited about when visiting the Alps? As usual, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Until next time, be sure to appreciate nature. You never know when you might find yourself in a cabin/sled hybrid.

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