Shocking X-Rays That Will Completely Transform The Way You See The Human Body

Hugh Turvey, an artist in residence at the British Institute of Radiology, uses X-ray equipment, film, colorization, and other techniques to expose what lies beneath the surface of our bodies and other objects. His images give a unique perspective on things we see on a regular basis.

1. The human wrist


In a glove, the wrist still looks so delicate. Without all the muscle tissue and skin, it doesn’t really look like the glove will provide any protection.

2. High heels


Stilettos hurt, and this X-ray further proves that. Look how much the foot has to distort itself to get in there? And then, you walk on those feet all night. No thank you.

3. Nose-picking


It’s easy to forget that the nose is pure cartilage, and therefore doesn’t show up on an X-ray like the rest of the skull. Clearly, picking your nose looks just as silly in an X-ray as it does in real life.

4. Breast cancer


It’s no wonder you have to train in order to read X-rays correctly. The beginnings of breast cancer are so small, the untrained eye can’t even see the growth.

5. Handshake


The colorization in this photo makes it easier to discern which hand is which. The bones and joints form such a nice pattern.

6. Drinking water


Water is essential for human life, but when you also see an image of a brain next to it, it doesn’t seem all that impressive.

7. Technology


As fascinating as some technology is, nothing compares to the intricacies of the human body. Those gadgets look massively unimpressive next to those bones.

8. Flowers


Despite technology being a bit boring when X-rayed, flowers get a new element of beauty to them. It’s almost as if they have skeletons, too.

9. Back pain


Thanks to Turvey’s colorization technique, he can show us how back pain starts at one specific point and radiates throughout the rest of your spine and body.

10. Cancer


Again, the untrained eye would never guess that this is cancer of the mouth.


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