Life Hacks That Can Actually Save You Money

Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil is very gentle on the skin and will take off your makeup way easier than most actual makeup removers. This solution is cheaper and ultimately, better for your skin. Be sure to wash it off after, but it will leave your skin feeling deliciously moisturized.

When disassembling something, punch your screws through some cardboard and label the sets

It will keep you from losing your hardware and make it easier to remember the placement and order of parts when it comes time for reassembly.

Temporary Cell Phone Fix

If your touch screen breaks, there’s still a way to keep using your phone! But you’ll have to carry around a mouse, so this is more of a temporary fix until you can fix or replace your phone.

Cut away the middle part of a tube to get your money’s worth from lotions and creams

Keep the end piece so you can still close the tube. If you prefer, you can close the open end with a binder clip.

Don’t risk burning your fingers when your candle wick is low

Instead, use a piece of uncooked spaghetti to light a wick that’s too far down to reach. Just remember to run the spaghetti under water when you’re done to make sure it doesn’t keep smoking. Fire safety, people!

Place a paperclip at the end of a roll of tape so it’s easy to find

Sure, the fold-over method works great, but then you have to cut or tear off part of the tape each time you use it.

Prevent Tupperware from flipping over in the dishwasher by using an upside down metal dish rack

It will hold the lightweight containers in place and prevent that nasty buildup of dirty water from happening.

If you have little kids around the house, chances are you have some type of outlet cover

They’re pretty small, making them easy to lose. A clever way to keep from losing them is to stick them right on the base of the cord. The prongs are spaced for a perfectly snug fit.

Improve your phone’s charging ability by cleaning out the charging plug

Dust and lint will accumulate inside, reducing charging efficiency. Use a toothpick to gently pull out all the junk. Other tiny objects (like a needle) will work, but it’s safer β€” for you and your phone β€” to use a non-conductive material.

When buying ice cream, press on the top of the container.

Instagram | @fitbodybylauren

If it has been stored properly, it will be solid and the lid won’t move. But if it depresses, that means the ice cream has been thawed and refrozen.

Repurpose an old crib as a tie rack

This actually looks super fancy and makes for a much cheaper closet modification if you happen to have an old crib hanging around.

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