Baby Girl Was Acting Strange, So Mom Planted A Hidden Camera

Whitney and Chris Matney adored their little girl. They were devoted to her every move and were with her much of the day, as new parents usually are. As such, they immediately noticed when their daughter started acting strange. She was not acting like her normal, sweet self and they could not figure out why. In order to get to the bottom of what could be happening to her little girl, Whitney took action and decided to put up a hidden camera in the house, she knew that it was not something that was the norm for her little girl like hunger, being tired, or having a dirty diaper. The cameras around the house recorded everything that was happening throughout the day. Some things were normal, but there were others that she did not expect to see.

After watching the video, Whitney and Chris were immediately shocked by what the video revealed. Nothing could have prepared them for the video’s content as every parents worries about their child and their well being more than anything else. The Matney couple and their little one were just a regular family before they decided to record their home happenings, we are sure this will make you think twice as well. 

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