9 Self-Defense Techniques All Women Should Know According To Professionals


1. Prevention and preparation

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We can’t always prevent something from happening, but we can arm ourselves with some knowledge about how to protect ourselves once we’re involved. It’s never the victim’s fault for getting attacked, but keeping a sharp eye and being prepared for something can help reduce your chances of being attacked.


Be aware of your surroundings; are you going to be in an unfamiliar parking lot at night? Look at the row you’re in and try to take a mental picture so you can walk straight back to your car. Try to park by light, so you’re not walking alone in the dark. Keep your keys in your hand while you walk and don’t get distracted by looking down at your phone; you can text your friends back when you’re home.

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2. Go for the vulnerable spots

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In the event of an assault, your attacker is likely to be bigger than you. But no matter how big they are, everyone has the same vulnerable spots. You should be targeting these to get the most out of your counter-attack.

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Hitting someone in the eye, nose, throat, chest, knees, or groin will always bring them down. No one can get away from the pain of these spots. This will most likely give you some time to get away to a safer spot.

3. Keep your moves simple and effective


Rendering someone’s wrist unmovable is the best way to make them fall to their knees. Grab his pinky and ring fingers in one of your hands, and the middle and pointer fingers with the other. Bend the wrist back toward your assailant.

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If you don’t have both hands free to do that, hit them with just one hand in their Adam’s apple or collarbone. It will disorient them for a minute, giving you a chance to escape.

4. Go for the groin

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An obvious attack spot, all self-defense classes will tell you to immediately go for this spot.

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By hitting your attacker here, they will be paralyzed briefly, allowing you to escape.

5. Grabbed from the front


If you’re grabbed from your front, you probably won’t be able to lift your hands. Use both of your hands to make a fist, and hit him in the face with your forehead. Once you hit him in his face, he will loosen his grip because he’ll be out of sorts for the moment. Take this opportunity to hit him in his groin.



6. Freeing your hands

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An attacker will likely grab your hands to stop you from hitting them. If they do this, remember the “rule of thumb” and rotate your arm to the side of the attacker’s thumb. This will help you escape his grip.


If he has a tight grip, turn your wrist towards his thumb, and when your arm is under his, pull your arm away as quickly and strongly as possible.

7. Grabbed from behind

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In this position, bend back and use the back of your head to hit your attacker. If you don’t hit him, it’s okay. You just want him to put a leg forward so he can balance himself.

Then, bend down, grab the leg he put forward, and pull it up. He’ll lose his balance and fall, and you can get away.

8. Grabbed from the side


An elbow hit is strong and effective; it’s the most dangerous move in martial arts. If you’re approached from the side, you need to use this move.

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Hit his temple, jaw, or nose by swinging your arm up. He’ll take a few steps back, and when he does, hit him in his chest or stomach.

9. Pushed against a wall


This can be a scary feeling because it will seem like you have nowhere to go. Go back to those most vulnerable places and hit whichever one is most accessible to you. If he has his arms up high, use your palm and the strength of your arm to hit him in his armpit. If he has one arm propped on the wall and one arm hanging down, hit him in his throat.


But the best hit you can deliver will be with your head. Get a little lower by bending your knees slightly, then jump up and hit him in his jaw with your forehead or the top of your head. He’ll likely bite his tongue, cheek, or lip and you’ll have a good moment to escape.

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