8 Ridiculous “Facts” We Thought Were Lies That Actually Turned Out To Be True

1. It’s long been discussed that only men have an Adam’s apple. However, that’s not entirely the case. Women also have them, but they’re much less prominent.

UKR Media

2. Ever heard of Cano Cristales? If not, it’s a very cool river in Colombia that is multicolored. It’s famous waters can be blue, green, red, yellow, and even black. It’s a spectacular sight to behold.

Wikimedia via Bright Side

3. A descendant of the Tyrannosaurus Rex still walks the Earth today. It’s not nearly as ferocious or infamous or violent. It’s also very unexpected. It’s a chicken. Imagine that.

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4. Have you ever watched someone get hurt and somehow felt pain yourself? It’s a strange feeling, but one that is real. It’s called “mirror-touch synesthesia” and is a rare condition that affects about 1.6% of people. These people feel physical pain when they see others go through the same thing.

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5. A kidney transplant is not entirely uncommon for many people. But, did you ever wonder what happens with your own kidney when you receive a new one? It’s not removed or taken out. It remains in the body where they always have been.

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6. There’s actually a phenomenon where twins can have different fathers. It’s called superfecundation. There are only ten such known cases in the world. One is in Poland, one is in Spain, and two each are in India and the United States. The eggs are fertilized during two different act of intercourse in this situation.

Imgur via Bright Side

7. So many people love penguins, and it’s understandable. There’s one penguin that “ranks” above all others though. In Norway, there’s a king penguin who has a literal army rank. The guardsmen claim the penguin always recognizes them and is happy to see them.

Wikipedia via Bright Side

8. A psychologist in American did research to learn that body hair influences intelligence. The hairier you are, the smarter you are. In 1996, the doctor claimed that other doctors and well-educated people are more likely to have hairy chests.

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