23 Extremely Misleading Photos That You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

Have you ever looked at a photo and found yourself having to do a double take? There’s something in the picture that confuses your brain and plays some sort of optical illusion trick on you…


Sometimes, it’s an outfit the person is wearing. Other times, it’s the strange way the light hits a part of the picture. It can be caused by the shadows, weird lines, or a litany of other things. These unexpected images are available all over the internet. This list has compiled twenty of those pictures that will possibly make you do a triple or quadruple take.


We start with an image of an older gentleman and his hair. His white hair looks so similar to smoke, that the actual smoke behind it looks to be a part of it all. Either that or his head is on fire. This picture was taken by Jonathan Higbee, who is known for these kinds of photos.

Jonathan Higbee/Facebook via Bright Side

Okay, this one absolutely made me do a double take. At first glance, partially due to the way the grating resembles a grill, this group looks like fried chicken. However, it is a group of really cute puppies, all ready for playtime.

18XipMb / imgur via Bright Side

Here’s a picture that could scare someone. This person set themselves up for a bubble bath and returned to find a bit of a surprise. The bubbles formed the shape of a body and a very realistic looking butt.

Imgur via Bright Side

This is one of those that was perfectly timed. As this guy went to take a photo of something, the wall behind him looked like the design was coming out of the lens. It looks even more perfect because the camera and wall design colors nearly match.

Jonathan Higbee/Facebook via Bright Side

Sometimes, a picture like this would be a warning sign of sorts. This bottle of wine had bubbles that perfectly lined up to form the creepy shape of a skull. Maybe it’s a signal that you should cut back on the booze.

twinhed/Reddit via Bright Side

This might be the coolest picture of them all. This person decided to take their dog out on the water with them. That meant the dog got the opportunity to ride on a jet ski. The way this photo was taken, makes it look like the dog has the arms and is riding on his own.

OdinIsNas/Pikabu via Bright Side

Sometimes, there’s something in the background that can completely change the outcome of a picture. This good old-fashioned dog turned his head perfectly to line up with a tree that has branches that look like antlers. It’s a deer dog!

Imgur via Bright Side

I’m not even sure how this happens. If you’re trying to hide from a picture, it’s understandable to put a bag or something in front of yourself. That seems to be the case here with this bag featuring a cat’s face. However, you’ve got to question how the bag is being held.

Aktivist36/Pikabu via Bright Side

A perfect counter image. First, we have a potato that seems to be looking at you with sadness at how you’re about to eat it. Then there’s the mixer, which seems horrified at the job it must do to those potatoes.

Майор Гаррет‏/Twitter via Bright Side

The angle a photo is taken at can cause all sorts of illusions. Here’s one that was perfectly taken of an ant on a cup. In the background, a helicopter was flying around, and the angle the photo was taken at makes it look like the ant is in some kind of action movie. Maybe it’s Ant-Man.

Imgur via Bright Side

Back to Jonathan Higbee. His penchant for these types of pictures comes to the forefront again. This woman almost seemingly meant to hold up this book in front of her face. One that has another woman’s face on the cover. The position is nearly perfectly lined up.

Jonathan Higbee/Facebook via Bright Side

If you don’t scroll all the way down on this picture, you’ll see a cat who looks to be in deep thought leading on his paws. In reality, it’s a cat jumping on another, and the paws are from the cat underneath, attempting to block the attack of the other.

ShamanNaboo/Imgur via Bright Side

Okay, so here’s one that is confusing even after a few looks. A boy is taking a photo of a woman who appears to have zebra legs. But of course, she’s not a real-life centaur. Instead, she seems to be sitting on some kind of zebra statue. We can’t determine where her legs are though…

Imgur via Bright Side

This one is just borderline inappropriate. For some reason, this woman is carrying around a purse with a woman’s body in what looks like underwear. The bag’s position gives off the illusion that the body belongs to the lady herself.

juyouqu.com via Bright Side

When water is clean enough, the transparency can cause some incredible images. That was the case for this body of water. The closer the rocks, the clearer the water. It’s so clear that it looks like the little mattress this person is on is floating in midair.

Imgur via Bright Side

Without seeing the other angle, this one is hard to explain. Something on the other side made it look like this baby giraffe’s shadow is a unicorn. Mythical creature? Maybe not.

Plasmididdlydoo/Imgur via Bright Side

We’ve all heard those tales about a cat being stuck in a tree. Heroes come and save them, but this little fella doesn’t look like he needs help from anyone. In fact, the small branch in his hand looks like a tiny little machine gun. Who doesn’t adore a tough looking kitty?

Imgur via Bright Side

Olives look weird to most people, and this picture showcases exactly why. All this person wanted was a martini. They got their olives, which unfortunately included one that seems to have eyes, something stuck in its head and is also somehow sticking its tongue out.

Imgur via Bright Side

Again, this is one of those photos that will make you look twice. This girl attempted to take a selfie, only for something to seemingly appear over her shoulder and join in on the image. A closer look shows that it is just a piece of her coat sticking out with buttons that look like eyes.

sanch0us/Pikabu via Bright Side

The shadow in this image shows off the shape of a cat standing on top of a door. However, there is seemingly no cat around. What is making this shape?

SandwichAuThon/Imgur via Bright Side

Here’s one that literally made me laugh out loud. This half gallon of chocolate milk was clearly dropped on the ground and is now all busted up. Hilariously, it perfectly made an angry face, probably looking at the person who dropped it with disdain.

Imgur via Bright Side

Timing is a key for most of these images. As this person passed by this tall, skinny tree, it perfectly lined up with their own tall hair. It really looks legitimate.

hasiko 5/Pikabu va Bright Side

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