20 Creepy Photos That Are So Scary You Won’t Want To Stay At Home Alone

We all love a good, scary movie. Lights off, volume turned up, blanket pulled up to our faces. It gives us a rush of adrenaline that something is lurking just behind that door.


Those movies give us a good scare and let our imaginations run wild. However, you don’t always need to look to the movies for a good scare. Here are 20 regular old pictures people took in their houses that most likely freaked them out when they took a second look.


20. Doll Face

Izismile @Xaniel

It’s a good selfie…until she checks out whatever that thing is in the background.

19. The Intruder

Google Plus

It’s all fun and games until a creepy ghost shows up to ruin the night.

18. The Passer-By

Pikabu @mmesny

Something tells me that guy was not in the intended shot.

17. The Dinner Guest

Pikabu @CheSerP

Possibly staged, possibly in need of a priest.

16. The Mask


Nothing creepier than someone hiding under your desk who wasn’t invited to girls night.

15. In the TV


This is a picture that tells you it’s time to move.

14. The Shutter Problem

Twitter @fieldsy1881

Maybe that shutter is set to a high speed, or maybe she has something to tell us.

13. Possible Turtle, Possible Monster


Whatever that thing is, it’s obviously not phased by mere humans.

12. Barney & Friends


Whoever thought this looked like Barney belongs in jail.

11. The Shutter Problem Part 2

Reddit @happybubby

Given that this was taken with a phone, I’m not totally comfortable with the shutter explanation.

10. The Printed Face

Reddit @Spiderjohns

A great prank, this trick allows you to put a print of your face in a jar. Looks a little too life-like for my humor.

9. Taking The Trash Out

Reddit @4minute_warning

Real or not, how would you reactton opening up this garbage bin?

8. Who’s That Other Person?

Reddit @TinyPurpleElephant

I’m having a hard enough time differing between the two types of mirrors she’s looking at.

7. Nope


There isn’t enough “nope” in the world for the creep factor in this picture.

6. The Curtain-less Windows


It’s likely this is just a poor Photoshop job, but still…who doesn’t have blinds or curtains on their windows?

5. Child’s Humor

Reddit @Chumbledor

Children can have a messed up sense of what’s funny and what’s terrifying.

4. The Uninvited Guest


Apparently, the mother who took this photo and the child in the photo were the only ones in the house at the time…

3. Learning To Crawl

Topix Offbeat via Pinterest

Not something you want to see next to your kid in a picture.

2. Campsite Horrors

Oddee via Pinterest

Could you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and seeing this next to one of the cabins?

1. Selfie


We all get annoyed when our friends jump into a perfectly good selfie. But what about in this situation?

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