15 Things Most Men Find Incredibly Annoying in Women

It’s usually the female counterpart of the relationship who is vocal about what they want their partner to do or be like. Men drive women crazy, it seems – whenever they leave crumbs on the sofa, miss an anniversary or even just be themselves.

Here’s a much-needed reminder! Men have feelings, too…and, just like their female partners, they have pet peeves. Here are 15 things men wish women would stop doing because it drives them absolutely mad.



When a woman asks her man how she looks in her outfit, he’s already dreading his answer. This is because he knows from experience that no matter what he says, he’s going to infuriate her. There just isn’t any right answer. If he compliments her, she’ll think he’s lying. If he’s honest, her feelings are going to get hurt, and if he says something generic, she’ll accuse him of being fake.



Gossip may come second nature to a woman, but it bores men to death. Do not expect your man to listen to all the stories and rumors about your friends and acquaintances for hours on end and maintain a high level of interest throughout. It’s just unrealistic. And if he doesn’t remember the little details, then that’s nothing to get angry about. Keep it limited to your girlfriends only, please.



Avoid answering with, “It doesn’t matter” or “I don’t care” when he asks you what you feel like eating or where you would like to go.

Some women feel that they may come across as bossy or picky if they stated their preferences but men actually like it when women do! When you’re out on a date, his top priority is that you enjoy yourself. Even if he has planned something, he would be willing to change his plans for you. Nothing is worse than a woman being tight-lipped about her suggestions and then being angry at her man later for his choices. Speak your mind because men cannot read minds.



Men and women differ in how they express their anger. Men generally tend to explode and reveal why they are angry quickly while women are like slow boilers. They simmer for a long period of time until they show their anger in the most inopportune time, leaving their men confused. Men dislike it when women give them the silent treatment, throw a few things around and basically act like a moody child. What they really want is for you to talk to you about what is bothering you and not reply with “I’m fine” when asked what is wrong.



No matter how happy or secure your relationship, the ex is always a sensitive topic and should be dealt with carefully. When fighting, women sometimes bring up their ex-partners either directly or indirectly. And it deals a bigger blow than you might think. Men hate when women do this because it lowers their self-esteem and confidence and makes them think that their partner looks down on them.

Never compare your present partner with the partners of the past or else your relationship will turn from sweet to sour.



Let’s face it, women get a little jumpy when they doubt their partner’s loyalty. Once they begin to suspect something, they never let it go. It drives men mad when their partners intrude their privacy, scroll through their phone or follow them around. Often times the man has done nothing wrong and the woman is just overthinking, perhaps after hearing about someone else’s infidelity story. But it makes life a living hell for a man because he has to think before he does or says anything, in fear of triggering their woman’s suspicion.



Most women have a very close relationship with their girlfriends. But sometimes, it’s better to hold back on the details the next time you meet your friends. Men get annoyed when they find out that their partner’s best friends know every single thing about their romantic relationship. It leaves no intimacy and respect between you two.



Women tend to be more materialistic than men. They’re especially concerned about their man having a well-earning job and stable future. When a man decides to pursue his passion rather than money, their woman is sometimes completely uncooperative.

Men wish women would stop thinking about material pursuits for once and support their dreams and ambitions. Happiness is priceless, after all.



Women don’t hold back when criticizing their man’s friends and acquaintances. Avoid making judgmental comments about everything your partner does with his friends. They’ve probably been around him longer than you have and know him better than you do. Give respect and get respect in return.



Not that there’s anything wrong with anniversaries but they can get on a man’s nerves sometimes. A relationship is made up of loving, sweet memories but there’s no need to commemorate each and every one of them. How can a woman expect her partner to remember every single little thing and arrange a surprise event each time, with candles and cake and balloons? Do not set unrealistic expectations for your partner or you will be disappointed.



Some women can feel insecure in their relationship and cope with it by constantly demanding attention from their partner. In any ordinary situation, a man would be more than happy to abide by these demands but has to cross the line when the attention-seeking goes too far. For example, when he is doing something important and their woman is being clingy and illogical.



The key to a healthy relationship is to leave the past behind and focus on the present. However, it is unbearable for a man when his partner is constantly bringing up the past and using it to emotionally blackmail him. The mistakes he made in the past are unfairly used to make him feel terrible and guilty and leads to nothing but unhappiness, for both.



This is for all the women out there who ignore their alcohol tolerance level. Sure, men may find it cute when their women get a little tipsy but not when they become completely drunk. They have to take care of their sloppily drunk girlfriends in public and that is a huge stressful responsibility. Men wish their partners would go easy on the drinks once in a while so that they don’t have to worry about them, especially when they are not around.



A favorite tactic used by women is to bait their partner into revealing information about himself so that they can get him into trouble. They do this to justify the anger they feel towards him, for some insignificant reason. Or maybe they just had a bad day and want to lash out at someone. Nevertheless, it is sneaky and unfair. Just be honest about your feelings and things won’t have to be so complicated.



Society’s beauty ideals have put a great deal of pressure on the female population. Most men are understanding about this and try to compliment their female partners as much as they can. It would help if the women accepted these compliments with a good heart. Constantly obsessing about their appearance, self-criticizing, and degrading themselves can also have a toll on their partner’s happiness as well. Men just want to see their women happy and fulfilled. It must be remembered that true happiness comes from the inside, not out.

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