15 Seriously Messed Up Rules The Royal Women Have To Follow

Being a princess is every girl’s dream. They always dream about a day when they will wear a tiara and designer fashions made only for them. They dream about being a princess because princesses have access to unlimited cash and live happily in a castle like a fairytale. Being a part of royalty brings forth countless privileges.

Being a part of the Royalty, you can no longer do the normal things that everyday people used to do. Instead you have to follow rules dictated by Queen Elizabeth, rules which have been passed down to her from ancestors. If you want to keep on reading, you will learn 15 messed up rules that princesses have to follow.

15. Do Not Touch The Princess


No one is allowed to touch the princess even though you’re amongst the most notable players on the court. Kate is royalty. She is going to act as she is told. Everyone around her who does not belong to royalty should not touch her in any manner, as if she has cooties or is repellant to everyday people. However this rule needs to be followed because she may be a future monarch of England.

14. Royal Women Must Not Wear Fur


It was determined earlier in 1137, by the King of Great Britain, that wearing fur is prohibited. This included the royal family, and also the men of the church. Similar to the royalty, in the contemporary world nine centuries later, British people are still following that rule. During this approach, they’re not in contrast to the Royals, as they too are upholding the tradition. However what’s the deal? Her loftiness follows traditions flawlessly, and nevertheless has been photographed many times wearing fur.

13. Nicknames Are Completely Forbidden


To be Royal means to be formal all the time and the names must follow that order with no nicknames allowed. Prince William isn’t “Will,” and you can’t ever shout out “Yo, Will,” to get his attention. However, Prince William’s better half has a well-known nickname “Kate,” that comes from her given formal name Catherine that she barely uses. Her official royal title is “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge” or “Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.” However, she can even be referred to as “Catherine”.

12. For Royal Women, Their Handbags Serve a Purpose


Kate is usually seen holding a little clutch, and she should either hold it in one hand so she can have the other hand freer held in front of her body with 2 hands. The clutch additionally serves a purpose. It subtly communicates to fans and press that she is not going to shake their hands.

The Queen’s bag additionally sends delicate signals. If she moves her bag from the left arm to her right, it means she desires to end a conversation. If she places her purse on a table, whatever meal she is having will come to an end in 5 minutes.

11. It’s Still a Rule, But At Least Your Legs Look Longer


Royal ladies sit in obedience to tradition. They have to sit upright, with straight back and they do it properly by imagining an egg between their back and the back of the chair. Whereas they’re allowed to wear a dress or skirt that ends on top of the knee, doing so while sitting might accidentally reveal too much. Therefore Kate can’t cross her legs at the knee. She must keep her ankles and knees together while cross her ankles.

10. When the Queen stands, you stand.


If it’s simple for her to try and do, then it’s imperative for you to follow. If you fail to get up once she does, you almost certainly will never come back to Buckingham Palace, particularly if you’re a guest.

9. There’s a Special Way to Drink Tea


If she’s having tea, the teacup is controlled by pinching the thumb and forefinger together. The center finger merely rests underneath the handle, securing the lowest, and therefore the handle must always be kept at 3 o’clock. To avoid lipstick stains around the rim, Kate should sip from an identical place. For correct napkin holding, Kate should place it in her lap when the hostess or host does.

8. More Dining Rules to Drive You Nuts


At dinner parties, the Queen starts the first course by the person sitting to her right. once the second course arrives, the Queen switches to the guest on her left. The guest sitting to the right should prepare some talking points to be ready to hold a speech that may be of interest to the Queen before dinner ends.

7. They Must Wear Hats to All Formal Events.


Kate’s apparel should abide by a strict code. It should always be modest and acceptable for the occasion. For Royal parties, a gorgeous robe is in order. Casual days are more relaxed. Kate is allowed to wear a sensible dress or trousers paired with wool or a cotton jacket and a cardigan. Also, the princess must also always wear a hat that is fancy for formal daytime events.

6. This Is Getting Bad – Even More Dining Rules!


The Queen makes most choices at Buckingham Palace. So—surprise!—there are a lot of rules for eating with the Queen. First, everybody at the table should stop eating once the Queen finishes a course. Even though you’re not finished with your meal, you’ll stop eating, or else! Unfortunately, because the Queen is often served 1st, you better eat quickly.

5. A Rule That Pays Homage to Jerry Seinfeld?


Every occasion when Kate is in public, fans go wild and she get lavished with bouquets of flowers. What does she do with the flowers? She throws them out. Okay, well that’s not really true. Most Royals receive presents on any given day.. It’s a pleasant perk, obtaining gifts, and is important for the royal line to simply accept them gracefully. Those flowers don’t belong to Kate. They belong to the Crown. So, the Monarch decides who gets to keep every gift.

4. Royal Women Must Spend Christmas with the Royal Family


If you’re a princess, you have no choice but to spend the holiday with the Queen at Sandringham House in Norfolk. While you are there, you can bet tradition follows you. Fun for all! For instance, vacation dinner is extremely formal. Kate should wear a robe, lovely jewelry, and, of course, her tiara. Men wear black suits and ties.

3. Pop Question: Is Charity Good or Bad?


Kate has a degree in art history. However, that doesn’t mean she gets to be a guide at a museum or do anything else amazing with her degree.

Princesses do not work and can forget about any career path because being a Royal is a full-time job. You must devote your time supporting a charity, hosting charity events, donating cash to charities, and creating public speeches to and for charities.

2. You Must Never Dabble In Politics


The royalty is allowed to vote. However, there is a lasting rule that they have to refrain from doing so, and should not participate in elections in any manner.

1. A Princess Must Always Be On Her Best Behavior


Kate didn’t simply marry into the Royal Family; she married into public scrutiny. She must realize that the world is watching her every move and that her entire life is in the spotlight. The slightest shift in breaking protocol is going to be televised or posted on social media. Kate must always be on her best behavior and seem perfect.

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