13 Celebrity Women Who Had Children After 40

Some people may think so, but 40 isn’t actually the new 20. It’s the new 40. Period. However, a lot of Hollywood women aren’t letting their ages stop them from living the lives they want. It seems like a lot of celebrity women over the age of 40 are now having children, despite having incredibly busy schedules. Some have actually put the brakes on their careers to care for their upcoming children, while others couldn’t wait to make it back into the spotlight.

Considering how high profile some of these pregnancies are, some celebrities ended up using surrogates or adopting. Either way, motherhood isn’t something that these powerful women are afraid of, despite their increasing ages. Some of them even had children as late as 50 years old! Society may not have always been cool with waiting that long, but these women proved that they can do it, along with keeping a busy schedule.

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