12 Hilarious Pregnancy Dos And Don’ts You Need To Troll Your Pregnant Friends With

It’s no secret that pregnant people are pretty consumed with the fact they’re having a child soon. They read a lot of pregnancy books and websites and, ¬†after a while, they become self-anointed experts. But now is your chance to fire back at your friends who are parents-to-be. Show them these satirical sketches by Imgur user, jenklk2 to offer your own unique advice.

1. Sharing is caring



Show off that belly, but don’t cross the line. Lifting your shirt in public isn’t cool when you’re not pregnant, either.

2. Public transportation


You can nicely ask for a seat. Try to avoid claiming it when someone is already there.

3. Music is so good for the baby’s development


Not everyone wants to hear Mozart at a volume level of 1000.

4. Baby’s name


Don’t strap your baby down with a name that has an unfortunate stigma attached.

5. Baby shower games


Baby shower games can be super lame, but better safe than sorry.

6. Only take what you need


It’s easy to over-pack for a three day weekend, but you’ll most likely be wearing diapers, so don’t worry if you forget your underwear.

7. Safety first


Labor is going to take a while. You can go the speed limit and still make it in time. Please, for the rest of us.

8. A home video to remember


Despite what you see on social media, you won’t need a full camera crew in there with you.

9. Maternity does not equal obesity


Share your maternity with your pregnant friends only. No one wants to see Bill’s beer belly in a pair of jeans with a support band.

10. Focus on what’s important


You just had a baby; chill on the home improvement projects and major financial mergers.

11. Letting him know you’re expecting


He won’t appreciate the added anxiety this will bring to an already-big moment.

12. Only one of you needs to be in pain


You’ll probably want to kill him. But don’t worry, you can throw this pain in his face for the rest of your lives.


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