12 Hilarious Guys Who Recreated “Basic” Girl Pictures On Instagram

Girls are definitely known for their Instagram poses and pictures. Luckily, there are plenty of guys out there willing to recreate them for our viewing pleasure. Here are 12¬†pictures of “basic” poses that guys recreated (almost) flawlessly.

1. It’s all about ambiance


This guy knows how to get the right props and poses for his pictures.

2. Basic Bubble Bath


The ultimate relaxation spot.

3. Working girls


Every girl has done this pose in at least one of her pictures.

4. Wine night


There’s nothing like getting together for a girls night with a bottle of wine!

5. Thinking about you


Name one girl who hasn’t gone out into a field for a photo session.

6. Cozy night in


There’s no better feeling than being cozy on your couch with a good book and a soft pair of socks.

7. Treat yourself


Getting pampered just in time for the holidays!

8. Special treats


Every girl should know how to bake at least three things.

9. 30, flirty, and thriving


This is a birthday party for the books. Dirty thirty!

10. Beach days


A beach day isn’t complete without a ‘Grammable action shot.

11. She needs wide open spaces


Just a country girl with a country heart.

12. Like a mermaid


Every girl practices getting out of the water flawlessly whenever she’s at the pool.


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