12 Crappy Life Hacks People Shared That Are Absolutely Hilarious

We’ve all heard our fair share of bad advice, but these “life hacks” really take the cake. Some of them are purely sarcastic, and some are just funny to read. Here are 12 really bad tips for you that you don’t need to listen to.

1. Use your old doll heads as lamps for your kids


If you want your kid to hate dolls, this is your ticket. Personally, they were ruined for me after I saw “Toy Story” where Sid made a spider-doll hybrid.

2. Meal prep

3. I don’t smoke


This honestly isn’t the *worst* idea. At best, it’s fun for everyone. At worst, someone gets badly burnt.

4. Clean eating


“Eggs are really healthy and should be the foundation of your diet. Don’t like the taste? Add cacao, butter, flour, and bake for 30 minutes.” Pure genius.

5. Adjusted sleeping schedule

Colten kinda has it right, although there will be no money left for the 2 meals when one gets fired.

6. Fire safety

Bored Panda

If your batteries are dead, just hang some Jiffy Pop. You’ll figure out there’s a fire soon enough. Bonus, even though your house burnt down, you can enjoy some fresh popcorn.

7. Find the leak


Well, N. Burke probably submitted this as a joke, not realizing that editors usually scramble at the last minute to fill the spaces of their papers. Oh well, now we know who to blame for any gas explosions.

8. Kitchen items


If you don’t have room for the box on your counter, just bring your snake out to hold onto it for you while the water boils. As we all know, it’s never a bad idea to keep a snake around.

9. Car maintenance


If you hear a funky noise coming from your car, turn up your music. Did the sound stop? You’re welcome.

10. Culinary artist


If you can’t hold your bagel still when it’s flat, just put your finger through the hole to keep it steady while you cut. Problem solved.

11. Animal lover


If your arms are filled with puppies, you won’t be able to help others.

12. Compliments to the chef


If you stir coconut oil into your kale, it makes it easier to scrape into the trash.

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