Here Is What Happens When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach For A Month

Water is an essential part of our daily lives, yet so few of us actually drink enough. We turn to other drinks like sodas, juices and basically anything else that isn’t water. Yet, all we really need is some high-quality H20 to start feeling good and have more energy.

There are a lot of water drinks out there that masquerade as water, but they just aren’t the same. Considering that the body is almost 80% water, it would make sense that we’d have to drink a good deal of it to survive. It’s hard to notice the effects of drinking more water though, until you actually do it.

The benefits are pretty limitless, from better skin to more alertness to better digestion. We’re made of water, and we basically run on the stuff like a car runs on gasoline. The short answer to living healthier is to drink more water and feel better.

Don’t overdo it, of course. Too much water can be a bad thing, but drinking the right amount every day will yield some pretty amazing health benefits. Drink water every day for a month and see what happens. You’ll be astounded at the results.

In fact, here are 5 things that will happen after a month of drinking water on an empty stomach. Some of the results you may already be aware of, but others may surprise you.

#1 You’ll flush out toxins. Water is a universal solvent, and that doesn’t mean it’s just good for cleaning countertops or kitchen counters. It will literally clear your system of impurities, germs, and other waste. As a result, you’ll just start to feel better. You won’t notice it the first day, but over time you’ll start to see how much drinking water affects you in a positive way.

#2 Faster metabolism. Everyone wants a faster metabolism, but very few people know how to make it happen. The truth is, water will help you digest food faster, ultimately helping you speed up the rate at which you burn it. You know those people who can eat whatever they want and still stay pretty thin? Well, there’s a good chance those people are chugging water on a daily basis too. Not much of a secret is it?

#3 Lose more weight. As a result of your faster metabolism, water will also help you lose weight. It will fill you up, and make you feel like you don’t need to eat as much. As a matter of fact, sometimes people feel like they need to eat when in reality they’re just a little bit dehydrated. Next time you’re hungry, just drink some water and see what happens because you may want to skip that second helping!

#4 Less heartburn. If you’re a heartburn sufferer, water will help your symptoms. It dilutes the acids that cause heartburn, and when you eat a trigger food, you won’t feel as much of an effect. Heartburn is caused by acids, but if you can neutralize those acids with water, they won’t sting as much when they come back up the esophagus. Sounds like a pretty good benefit to me.

#5 It’ll help your skin! Everyone wants better skin. It’s the first thing people notice about you when they meet you. When it’s not clear, or has a dull look to it, it can create a strange first impression. Drinking more water will make your skin look more luminous, healthy and soft. Seems like a worthy tradeoff.

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